Report: NHLPA working on new proposal

I think everyone forgets about the fans. When it was announced that games through Oct. 24th were being cancelled I can’t tell you how many people I know how were so upset. That’s right they weren’t mad they were upset that their favorite sport won’t be starting for at least another month. As a fan it’s sucks having to sit on the sidelines and just wait for something to happen. This article gives some hope that the lockout could come to a close before the end of 2012.


One of the owners’ big hangups with the players’ union is that they’ve yet to come back to them with another offer. That may soon be changing.

Andy Strickland of 590 AM in St. Louis reports the NHLPA is working on another proposal which they’re hoping to bring to the NHL soon. As of now, the two sides don’t have any talks scheduled and it wasn’t believed they’d meet again until next week.

The last time the owners and players met was last weekend but only non-financial topics were discussed. Without anything scheduled, it’s tough to say when things will get the opportunity to move forward (or backwards).

The fact the players’ union is working on something new, however, is a reason to be hopeful that perhaps things can get back on track to a settlement.

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